Announcing the 1st Annual EverBrief Bracket Design Challenge!

The Mission:

Deliver to the world the best printable bracket design for the 2015 college basketball tournament.  You know… all that madness that occurs in the 3rd month of each year.

You can fit a lot on one piece of paper, and we think brackets can be better.  We also think you can fit more information than just the bracket itself.  That is what EverBrief is all about.  Your bracket could include data on past tournaments or infographics on teams or even something important like how to achieve proper ball inflation.

So… Think beyond the proverbial box, but within the constraints defined by 2 sides of a single piece of US letter paper (8.5 x 11).

What's at Stake:

Bona Fide Bragging Rights.

Oh.. And an Apple watch or iPad mini 3. Winners choice.


Whatever you can fit on the front and back of a single piece of US letter (8.5 x 11) paper.


Once your submission is approved and loaded to the brief store, your customers will be able to receive a .pdf file of your bracket as a digital download.

How to Enter:

The bracket with the most unique downloads on the day of the Championship game, April 6, 2015, will be declared the winner.  The winner will be announced and will have their choice of an Apple watch or iPad mini 3. If you choose the watch, we’ll send it as soon as we get our hands on one.  Otherwise the iPad will go out to you within 1 week.

  1. Register for a store on EverBrief
  2. Submit your brief through your dashboard.  EverBrief will review and publish it.
    • As always with EverBrief, you set the price ($1.00 or greater) or let customers download it for free
  3. Send a the link to your bracket to everyone you know (most unique user downloads wins, after all)

Required Marks:

Your bracket must be able to be printed on a single piece of us letter paper.   It must also include the marks below.  We recommend that you send us the draft so we can add the EverBrief marks and convert it to .pdf for publishing to the store. Our preference is Adobe Illustrator, but we will try to work with whatever you have.

The following must be included on your brief:

1.  Your information.

  • Your Brief Store name
  • Link to your everbrief brief store

2.  EverBrief marks:

© 2015 EverBrief
Get Briefed on Anything.

Key Dates:

Brackets Set: March 15

Championship Game, Winner Announced: April 6th

Frequently Asked:

Q: Can I charge customers for downloading my bracket?

A: It’s your store. Charge what you want, or let them download it for free. See the earnings calculator for information on commissions.

Brief Submission and Site Usage Rules

Your content must be original or you must have expressed consent or appropriate licensing for use. You may not violate any copyrights or trademarks. You must have appropriate licensing for any design elements used.

You may not use or take any content or design elements on the EverBrief website with out expressed written consent. You may not use content from other EverBrief vendors (Briefists) without expressed written consent.

From time to time, and at any time, EverBrief reserves the right to improve or modify site usage and Briefist licensing, and terms and conditions.  EverBrief reserves the right to modify or discontinue the 2015 bracket brief challenge at any time. EverBrief reserves the right to improve and modify the brief submission rules.  EverBrief maintains sole discretion on content published in the brief store and may remove content which if found to violate the brief rules at any time.

By becoming a Briefist and/or using the EverBrief website, you agree to the brief submission and site usage rules.


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