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What is a Briefist?

At EverBrief, we recognize that creating excellent briefs requires a special set of skills.  Some of the best briefs incorporate information with images and graphics in order to effectively convey concepts in ways that are easy to understand and remember.  In a sense, great brief creators are part author, part artist.  We like to refer to them as Briefists. In short, Briefists design briefs.  They are uniquely skilled at extracting key points from a body of knowledge and presenting it in ways that are easy to understand.  Masters of information condensation, skilled Briefists come from all backgrounds.  On EverBrief, you’ll find Briefists who are teachers, musicians, chefs, personal trainers, artists, engineers, pilots, mechanics, and so much more.

If you are able to present the key concepts from your field or interests to our growing community, you may be able to operate a successful Briefist store on EverBrief.

How you create income.

EverBrief is committed to help you earn from creating awesome briefs on whatever it is you know about.  Selling briefs on EverBrief is simple.  You submit content and set the price.  We review and publish.  When a customer purchases a brief from your store we cover transaction expenses and get your earnings to you.  We believe in keeping it simple and working to get you the most out of every sale.  You keep 75% of net revenue on everything sold in your store.  Use the Earnings Estimator to see how much income you can generate from selling briefs.

Need Design Support?

Have ideas, but no design skills?  We’re working on providing services to help you format you’re content easily.  If this type of service interests you, please contact us.



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How does it work

Uploading Items

Review the briefist guide and brief store submission guidelines.  You can download the templates for designing your briefs.  Then simply upload your submissions through your briefist dashboard.

Item Pricing

This ones easy.  You set the price for your briefs.  We simply set a minimum price to cover expenses.  Currently the minimum for downloaded briefs is $1.  Minimum prices for delivered prints will be determined soon.

Item Approval Proccess

Review the brief submission guidelines before submitting your content.  EverBrief reviews the submissions for adherence to store guidlines and publishes successful submissions to your store.

Payment Schedule

We will deliver your earnings via PayPal or mailed check once a month.

The Rules

Please see the briefist terms and conditions for the complete list.  Some rules are very important to us.

  1. Content must be original or have the expressed written consent of the copyright owner of the material.  If you are submitting a derivative work, it will be rejected without this consent.
  2. Content must be accurate to the best means of determining accuracy.
  3. Certain content is not allowed.  See the submission guidelines for the complete list.  EverBrief reserves the right to discretion on published content in the brief store.
  4. Play nice.  Content defaming or attacking others will not be allowed and behavior of this type in any part of the site will not be tolerated and your briefist privileges will be revoked.
  5. Did we say your content must be original?  You are not allowed to take, borrow, beg, or steal from other briefists in our community.