What is EverBrief?

EverBrief is a community where people from all ages and backgrounds come to buy and sell briefs on any subject. Our members focus on delivering concise and well organized briefs designed to help you recall and retain information or learn and accomplish something completely new quickly.


What is a Brief?

More than simply well organized notes, great briefs are designed to help you recall and retain information quickly.  In many categories briefs enhance formal studies of subjects.  Other categories of briefs help you accomplish something completely new.  Regardless of the topic, briefs help you organize the information you need.  Spend less time searching on your device and more time accomplishing whatever it is you do.


Who Makes Briefs?

At EverBrief, we recognize that creating excellent briefs requires a special set of skills.  Some of the best briefs incorporate information with images and graphics in order to effectively convey concepts in ways that are easy to understand and remember.  In a sense, great brief creators are part author, part artist.  We like to refer to them as Briefists. In short, Briefists design briefs.  They are uniquely skilled at extracting key points from a body of knowledge and presenting it in ways that are easy to understand.  Masters of information condensation, skilled Briefists come from all backgrounds.  On EverBrief, you’ll find Briefists who are teachers, musicians, chefs, personal trainers, artists, engineers, pilots, mechanics, and so much more.


How it Works.

EverBrief publishes briefs.  It works similar to a mobile device application store.  Briefists register for a store and agree to the terms and conditions.   Store owners are provided templates and tools to assist in preparing their content for submission to the Brief Store.  Brief submissions are reviewed for compliance to the store guidlines. Upon successful review, briefs are published and added to the online marketplace.


Deviceless… Or Not.

Its your choice.  The briefs on EverBrief can easily be viewed and managed from any device or printed for when you want to unplug.  Soon you will also be able to have high quality prints delivered to your door.  You control the information you need at hand today, or at any season in life.


Commitment to Quality

EverBrief is committed to delivering excellent briefs containing accurate information designed by professionals from all backgrounds.  Briefs are reviewed for adherence to the brief submission guidelines prior to publishing and reviews can be submitted by customers in the brief store.  Buy briefs with confidence at EverBrief.  We will maintain our commitment to ensuring our members deliver high quality content.